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MALY T3 laser hair removal device   The t3 malay laser is the most effective on hair, and the difference can be seen from the third session of use   Malay t3 helps you get rid of hair within a few sessions and also helps you get rid of the chicken skin that most women face , which is annoying, as it guarantees you 100% effective and safe hair removal, as the results can be seen immediately after the first session, and the hair will disappear completely after Three months of continuous use according to the schedule of laser sessions, and different skin colors can use it because it contains five different temperatures   -device specifications 1- The lens can be replaced 2- The lens contains 500,000 flashes 3- You can use the automatic option for flashes 4- The contents of the device: freshness to protect the eyes during use, the device, the connection wire, a booklet, a stick to clean the lens before and after use 5- five levels of heat..
Shaving machine for sensitive areas Shaving machine for sensitive areas
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Shaving machine can be used for sensitive areas of body without leaving any wounds or damage on the skin    This new limited edition of men shaving machine which is made of ceramic material  to avoid rust and it can be used with water without any damage could happen or any possible infection specially for sensitive areas of men after you have it you will not need to use the the usual razor  tool again  With lasting battery charge    Made of ceramic to avoid rust Long lasting battery Different operating levels  Anti moisture  Soft on skin  Mostly used for sensitive areas of body  ? gift ? Water floss for deep cleaning product specification Rechargeable via USB different speeds The battery power is 20000mAH Long lasting, no need to charge it daily 5V/1A Vehicle USB The water tank can be removed and reinstalled..
 It used to move the screen without having to touch it with your hand, to make it easier to work on tablets   It is compatible with Apple tablets from 2018 to 2022 generations and so it is not compatible with devices from earlier releases. Please check if your device includes one of the above generations, in addition, it does not support Android or Microsoft devices.   Advantages:  - There is no need to connect via Bluetooth or download any pen apps to connect it to the tablet -Easy to turn on and turn off with just two clicks - 9 hours of continuous use -Charging via Type-C -Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes of inactivity -Palm compatible -  can be attached to the iPad using a strong magnet - The tip of the pen is 1.2 mm, which prevents scratches and gives smoothness and accuracy in drawing and writing without delay. -Unbreakable - The tip of the pen can be replaced - ? Gift Pen Tips   Pen Compatible Models: (Please review images and make sure your iPad is included in the above)   properties: -Made of: Aluminum alloy -color: white -Pen tip width: 1.2 mm -Weight: 15 grams -Charging port: Type C -Battery capacity: 130 mAh   package include: - the pen -booklet -Type C charging cable. -User’s Guide -storagecarton..
Waist belt period pain relief-by heat- Waist belt period pain relief-by heat-
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An electric heat device to relieve period pain   After the first use of the electric heat device , you will not have to use the old way that may cause burns to the skin for some. The electric heat device is safe to use as it contains different levels of heat that can be controlled without reaching the stage of burns at all. It also contains a rubber belt that can be placed around The waist, and the waist size can be adjusted. You will not need painkillers after today. It also contains different types of massages. The device can be moved around, as it is wireless and lightweight.   Description  1- Light weight and portability 2- Wireless system 3- Long lasting battery 1800mA DC 4- Adjustable belt 5- Three different temperature levels 6- Different massage patterns..
‏New Deess laser device with sapphire technology gp592 ‏New Deess laser device with sapphire technology gp592
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Laser hair removal device is one of the latest laser devices with sapphire technology for more efficiency and faster results   The new laser device from Deess, model Gp592, is one of the best laser devices that gives immediate results that can be seen from the first session. The skin is shining due to the presence of the properties of HR, AR, SA for hair, skin and blisters. The lens is characterized by its straight surface, which gives complete permeability to the skin to obtain better results with the cooling feature, as you will never feel the tingling of the flash   -product specification : 1- Manual or automatic flashes 2- Unlimited number of flashes 3- Sapphire technology 4- Attached with it: the device, eye protection glasses, 2 wires for connection, and a manual for the device 5- Five different degrees of heat   The device is authorized by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority The device has a two-year warranty..
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