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Waist belt period pain relief-by heat- Waist belt period pain relief-by heat-
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An electric heat device to relieve period pain   After the first use of the electric heat device , you will not have to use the old way that may cause burns to the skin for some. The electric heat device is safe to use as it contains different levels of heat that can be controlled without reaching the stage of burns at all. It also contains a rubber belt that can be placed around The waist, and the waist size can be adjusted. You will not need painkillers after today. It also contains different types of massages. The device can be moved around, as it is wireless and lightweight.   Description  1- Light weight and portability 2- Wireless system 3- Long lasting battery 1800mA DC 4- Adjustable belt 5- Three different temperature levels 6- Different massage patterns..
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