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MALY T3 laser hair removal device   The t3 malay laser is the most effective on hair, and the difference can be seen from the third session of use   Malay t3 helps you get rid of hair within a few sessions and also helps you get rid of the chicken skin that most women face , which is annoying, as it guarantees you 100% effective and safe hair removal, as the results can be seen immediately after the first session, and the hair will disappear completely after Three months of continuous use according to the schedule of laser sessions, and different skin colors can use it because it contains five different temperatures   -device specifications 1- The lens can be replaced 2- The lens contains 500,000 flashes 3- You can use the automatic option for flashes 4- The contents of the device: freshness to protect the eyes during use, the device, the connection wire, a booklet, a stick to clean the lens before and after use 5- five levels of heat..
‏New Deess laser device with sapphire technology gp592 ‏New Deess laser device with sapphire technology gp592
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Laser hair removal device is one of the latest laser devices with sapphire technology for more efficiency and faster results   The new laser device from Deess, model Gp592, is one of the best laser devices that gives immediate results that can be seen from the first session. The skin is shining due to the presence of the properties of HR, AR, SA for hair, skin and blisters. The lens is characterized by its straight surface, which gives complete permeability to the skin to obtain better results with the cooling feature, as you will never feel the tingling of the flash   -product specification : 1- Manual or automatic flashes 2- Unlimited number of flashes 3- Sapphire technology 4- Attached with it: the device, eye protection glasses, 2 wires for connection, and a manual for the device 5- Five different degrees of heat   The device is authorized by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority The device has a two-year warranty..
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